Redraw the States: A small project on the Electoral College

I have been meaning to learn even a rudimentary amount about D3 for a very long time. A fun question from my grad school classmate Kevin Hughes provided the perfect opportunity. Specifically, we want to know “How stable is the Electoral College under small changes in geography?” The answer is, “Extremely unstable.”

To answer the question, I built a medium-sized tool I call Redraw the States. I found that there were many combinations of 4 counties that, if moved to a neighboring state, would flip the election to Clinton. There’s also at least one combination of three counties (Lake, IL -> WI; Lucas (Toledo), OH -> MI; Camden, NJ -> PA) that would do the same. Can you find any better combinations? Let me know if you do, e.g., by tweeting @khayeswilson.

For a in depth writeup, see my medium post on the subject.

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